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These are old but I can draw anything you like in the way you like
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wanna me to draw your OC? It can be digital or traditional :)
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gifs, portraits, oc's...



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Hi, everyone! My name is Alice.
Hope you like my art work!
My hobbies are drawing, listenin' to music, videogames... I never keep still so I'm always doing something, whatever: comissions, fanarts, drawing my OC's, flash games, 3d modelling, live streamings.... Here I leave my other web sites if you are interested ;)……


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Shy girl in the rooftop by HeavenRose150
Shy girl in the rooftop
Shyness is defined as lacking confidence in the presence of others, especially strangers; not wanting to attract attention. I wanted to show it like the lack of color in the character inside a world full of colors....

I honestly don't consider myself a shy girl but I have my moments sometimes... those days you don't want to meet with anyone, those days you aren't socially active, those days you feel like a fish out the water, those days you just want to stay at home and let people do... there's a big difference between shy people and quiet people, and there's people who don't understand that...  that ignorance made me stay in something like a shyness cage: started to think I was a shy person and also started to act like one. But with time I discovered I didn't get nervous while I was with other people! In fact I can be really funny when I'm in the mood xD (they say)

This matter got me sad for a time because there where some people who used to think AND SAY I was shy, and make others think the same...
and I know people who has the same problem or they are shy due to other problems, and they live inside that cage ... and that's SAD

So who really knows me knows that I'm just a quiet person... compared with others. Not shy, but I don't want to talk about myself anymore, this post is dedicated to people with the same or a similar issue.

What I'm trying to say is don't let the "labels" that your so called friends put on you affect the way you are... just act at the way you act and let others think what they want. You are the best placed to judge yourself!

Honestly I don't think shyness is a good thing... I know there are people who think that's the way they are and they can't change, but that's wrong! I used to be shy when I was a little girl and had serious problems when I had to socialize with people, even with my friends. So I have two things I know for sure: it's not a nice feeling and not part of anyone, but it can be changed... shyness is due to the social opression that one person (or more than one) press or pressed to other. If you are a shy person you will understand. I have shy friends... and it hurts when they cry for problems like that one... 

I only say... keep smiling and be nice to others. Try to keep changing your shyness and fear into confidence and joy. Get together with nice people and friends that help you to do it. Don't let shyness keep you down... 

Bullet; Red Traditional sketch
            Bullet; Purple pencil mines
            Bullet; Purple blue and white pencil color
            Bullet; Purple light grey, dark grey and black KOI markers
            Bullet; Purple white marker
Bullet; Red Photoshop postproduction: 
            Bullet; Purple afternoon effect
            Bullet; Purple contrast between the black and white character and the colorful background
            Bullet; Purple highlights effect in the character
YATOGAMI by HeavenRose150
by NekoProductions xD

I want to do this with the other characters, I'm on it ^^

Bullet; Blue sketch: Paint Tool SAI
Bullet; Blue lineart: Paint Tool SAI
Bullet; Blue Color: Paint Tool SAI
Bullet; Blue background: Photoshop CS6
Bullet; Blue post production: Photoshop CS6
Nova by littlewoodlouse
I just wanna say... *suddenly pokes rainbows and melts*

haha jokin'

The light effect in her skin and hair is just hypnotic. The illumination itself is lovely *-* I really apreciate it, really, but if I have to say something for you to improve... add some branches to the lightnings (you didn't go overboard enough xD) muahaha annnnd... work a little bit more the night sky, more stars! :D That's how I see it, maybe I tend to overload everything xD The rest is just outstanding! Because it's your style! and your art style is awesome! keep it up!

I love it! really *-*

voices. by HeavenRose150
We all are surrounded by them.. actually we can hear them. Sometimes we avoid them, other times we listen to them... Some of them lie, the others don't... Some of them hurt us, others heal us.. Some of them are words from our beloved ones, others born in our head.

When I have to face situations with their consequent feelings, such as rage, jelousy, loneliness, betrayal, rejection..., things that are REALLY hurting, I hear a voice screaming inside of me, like a light it wants to get rid of that darkness, and wants to end with everything... but I don't let it do it... that's why I drew this, light fighting with darkness inside of me in order to stop its taint. Coexisting in one body... light spilling out darkness. Trying to win this battle. I wanted to draw it as much chaotic as I knew, so I drew it with ugly linework and random stains.

It feels so confortable to be in the darkness... and it's so difficult to discern what is lie and what is true. Which of the voices are telling me the truth? Everything in this world is so relative that anyone is sure about nothing... nothing is certain. I saw people dragged to bitterness just because they left a door open to those voices, and ended up ruining their lives, by themselves.

I have been trailed to the edge a bunch of times too, my faith has been dazed, and my heart has been broken.... just because I listened to the WRONG VOICES! 

Creative people are more sensitive to emotions, so those voices take chance to inflence in the way we see the world, and consequently in the way we show out that vision...

And artists can hear them loud and clear (no need to be crazy)...

Yeah, it happens all the time... everyday. Only if I could shut them up so I could live a really peaceful life.. but it's impossible. The only thing that me and you can do is... ignore, downplay them. But it took me years to realize that I can't do that with my strength, darkness is too disturbing... it distorts reality in a way that is not normal. And eats my light... I feel it.

This contest made me think about everything (maybe too much xD) and helped me to make this conclusion: I can't avoid the voices by my
own because I'm so insignificant that I will be dragged again by the river of sadness, so now I need, more than ever, a stronger voice by my side. The voice of light, the voice of hope, the voice of love... the voice of God.

Now it's time for me to stop complaining for everything in my life, and start believing that there will be better days... I got rid of that hidden darkness, because it didn't help me on anything. I'llbe thankful from now on... Whatever has to happen will happen, I want it or not. But the fact I'm in God's will gives me peace, because I know he won't leave my side, like a father. I have it more than proved, He wants the best, and only the best for his children...

I know there will be people who won't understand, but it's not a matter of understanding, it's a matter of faith. Faith it's not a feeling that whoever has it or not, it's a decision...

That's it.

 sorry for the long meditation xD
Only until the month ends there will me comissions at 50% of the last prices. Here some examples Dance! 
Hurry up and comment!
  Bullet; Blue  Pixel art (50 Points  x drawing)
  Bullet; Blue  OC's (50 Points  x drawing)
  Bullet; Blue  Fanart (50 Points  x drawing)

Love :squee:
Only until the month ends there will me comissions at 50% of the last prices. Here some examples Dance! 
Hurry up and comment!
  Bullet; Blue  Pixel art (50 Points  x drawing)
  Bullet; Blue  OC's (50 Points  x drawing)
  Bullet; Blue  Fanart (50 Points  x drawing)

Love :squee:


Nova by littlewoodlouse

I just wanna say... *suddenly pokes rainbows and melts* haha jokin' The light effect in her skin and hair is just hypnotic. The illumin...

I don't understand some fans.... I really don't understand them, using sonic characters to draw... weird things of any kind... Some of them don't have a minimum respect for people properties... If you see this video, you'll understand me...…

WARNING: I got a bit scared at the ending xDD

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